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Your journey is our motivation...

Here's our story...

As a young athlete with a passion for being better every day. I would constantly spend days practicing, those days turned into night and although I was still ready to train, the darkness kept me from reaching my full potential. 

I grew older and studied Engineering at Arizona State so I could re-invent the idea of Night Sports. It started with Bicycles and a Small  start-up called CycleLights. Although it was a revolutionalary idea, our team wasn't ready to handle the weight of the success, and just 3 years after its creation, CycleLights was no more. 

But my heart still burned with the passion for sports and the night. As the largest group of athletes in the world, runners are the most driven, most inspired, and most over looked group  in night sports. So a new plan was formed. A plan to recreate the idea of a night runner. Not one where a company would tell the athletes what they wanted... But one where the Athletes would tell the company what they NEEDED.

So in 2015 Pro Glow Sports was born to serve the masses. And in 2018 Pro Glow Runners was created to serve the elite, the Night Runners of the World. We're not perfect, and what we're trying to do has never been done before, so this journey won't be perfect.

But no one is perfect. Just like you, we learn from our mistakes and push forward.

This won't be easy. But you're used to things not being easy. That's why we need you. We need your help to Empower every night runner in the world so they can run without fear. We need your help to Connect runners, because there's strength in numbers. And we need your help to Inspire. You already inspire us... but there are pros and first-timers, mother and fathers, athletes and those looking to change their life out there who need to be inspired. They need that motivation from someone who looks like them or who's from where they're from or someone who is going where they want to be. So be that inspiration... and share your journey.  

Here's a few stories we've shared...


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